Monday, 23 June 2008

Mourning the passing of an old friend....

So that's it, the final door has closed on a part of my life. I'm talking about the band "The Mission" who have finally played their last show in London. Now, some of you may remember them as a bunch of strangely dressed, overly melodramatic hippy-goths but to those of us who loved them it's like hearing that an old friend has croaked!

I now regret that I didn't go to the final show. I was on the cusp of buying a couple of tickets and heading to London for the weekend but decided that time, money, hassle etc. wasn't worth it. After all, there was only one original member left wasn't there? If the original guitarist Simon Hinkler had been with them I would have been there but no, not the same really. Of course, typical huh? Who turned up and played with them at the last shows? None other then Mr H himself. I was truly annoyed!

Anyway, they've packed it in once and for all. This may not seem like a big deal to most people but their music has been with me through all of my formative years and I love it! It conjures up memories of good times, memories of my youth! It carries with it pictures of people and places, experiences shared and secret. More than any other band I've listened to over the years The Mission did this for me. The time I saw them on their "Carved in Sand" tour in 1990, just before their big bust up with Mr Hinkler (he walked off in the middle of the tour) remains one of the best gigs I've ever been to!

Ah well, at least there's the DVD of the last show to look forward to. Cheers guys!