Monday, 10 March 2008

Music to remember!

Funny how things set off your memory isn't it? I've been revisiting some of my old CDs and reliving my musical past. Each time I resolve not to dwell on the past too much and to spend more time enjoying the present and looking forward to the future, something stirs up some memory and away I go again!
I'm very into my music. For me music is as much a marker for the various stages of my life as a photograph album would be for others. It's almost like my life has a soundtrack - you know how listening to certain songs can remind you of a certain holiday or person... The thing is that I listen to music pretty much constantly so practically everything I do has a musical accompaniment. What I find (and I'm sure I'm not alone) is that when I dig out old CDs that I haven't listened to for a while, quite often they have the ability to transport me to a particular place, time or even feeling. This leads me on to one particular CD which stirs up a particularly interesting summer, but I'll save that for another post.
Certain albums will always have a special something about them because of this. Some of them aren't even my favourite albums but because of their association they'll always make me smile or feel a certain way. Cool isn't it?

Oh yeah...
For interest's sake, it was "God's Own Medicine" by The Mission. I doubt it'll ever feature in the "100 bestest albums of the entire Universe ever, ever, ever..." but it's up there on my personal list. You should give it a go you know, it really is worth a listen. Especially if you wish you could regress into being a Gothic Hippy again! Yeah, man......

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ovalanimal said...

All this listening to old cds talk is making me feel guilty. OK! I admit it. I still have your Spirit of Django cd that I borrowed from you to record sometime at the beginning of the new millenium. I must also confess that I haven't a clue where I've left it. I did record it though. It's latest home is on the hard drive of this very laptop I am typing my confession on.